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4ESG Consulting is the consultancy firm for sustainability questions of financial institutions

Our core team consists of specialists with experience as regulator, lawyer, compliance officer, software developer, program manager and environmental engineer.

Miranda Haak


Joost Prince


Rob Voster



Our mission is to enable financial companies to conduct business and invest in a socially responsible manner within legal frameworks. We do this on the basis of the sustainable ambitions, beliefs, objectives, focus themes and (limited) resources of our customers. By targeting financial institutions, which finance the sustainable development of companies, we can achieve the greatest positive impact on a sustainable world. 

Project management with in-depth knowledge of ESG, multidisciplinary and stakeholder-sensitive

In addition to in-depth knowledge of ESG and project management, resolving sustainability issues requires a combination of legal, compliance, ICT and environmental knowledge. Recognizing the interests of internal and external stakeholders is essential. 4ESG Consulting sets itself apart on these three properties: project management with specific knowledge of the matter, multidisciplinary and stakeholder-sensitive.

Core values

We are idealistic and at the same time also realistic; we that customers strive for a sustainable world. In our services we understand and take into account the sustainable ambitions, beliefs, objectives, focus themes and often limited resources of our customers. We are convinced that by taking into account sustainable (ESG) factors that are "financially material" our customers achieve better results.

We are careful and at the same time decisive; our different backgrounds ensure that we work carefully within our assignments while keeping an eye on the objectives and results. In short: legally skilled in combination with pragmatic project management.


We have contributed our expertise to various financial institutions:

  • ESG transformation (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation/SFDR, Taxonomy Regulation, Shareholder Rights Directive): asset managers, pension funds and banks.
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive/CSRD, IMVB/IMVO covenant, IORP, MiFID): asset managers, pension funds and banks;
  • ESG strategy development: asset managers, pension funds and banks;
  • ESG implementation: ESG communications and reporting: ESG workshops and training, ESG reporting asset managers, pension funds and banks;
  • Interim management and structural support: asset managers, pension funds and banks.