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What do we offer?

4ESG Consulting offers the following 5 services.

ESG transformation

With our ESG transfortmation service, we ensure that your organization complies with mandatory and voluntary sustainability legislation. For example, by adjusting pre-contractual documentation, your sustainability, procedures, ESG reports and agreements with suppliers.

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ESG strategy development

With our ESG strategy development service, we help your organization to further refine your sustainability policy. This can be done by establishing or reassessing your investment beliefs and ambitions, choosing focus themes and formulating ESG objectives.

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ESG implementation

With our SRI implementation service, we help your organization implement your SRI policy. This can be done through the selection and implementation of SRI tools to achieve your SRI policy objectives, such as voting at shareholders' meetings, engagement, exclusion, ESG integration, the selection of external managers based on ESG criteria, the selection of ESG data suppliers, the selection of ESG and low carbon benchmarks, impact investing and reporting on the results of your SRI policy.

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ESG communication and reporting

With our ESG communication and reporting service, we help your organization with internal and external communication about socially responsible investment and entrepreneurship. This includes communication with regulators and customers, in-house sustainability training, completing questionnaires (PRI, IMVB, IMVO, VBDO), the organization of conferences on sustainability and stakeholder dialogue and management.

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Interim management and structural support

If you have a temporary or structural shortage of legal, compliance or sustainable investment expertise, we can fill this shortage.

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