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Regulators, politicians, shareholders, customers and the public expect and demand more and more from financial institutions and companies when it comes to corporate social responsibility and investment (CSR and SRI). Financial institutions and companies must report on how they embed sustainable aspects in their strategy, products, services, processes, systems and culture. We can help with this.

What is it?

With our ESG communication and reporting service, we help your organization with internal and external communication about CSR and SRI. This includes:

  • Communication with regulators and customers;
  • In-house CSR / SRI training;
  • Completing SRI questionnaires (PRI, IMVB, IMVO, VBDO);
  • Stakeholder dialogue and management;
  • ESG compliance: adjusting your socially responsible investment (SRI) policy, procedures, SRI reports and agreements with suppliers based on new sustainability legislation;
  • SRI strategy development: determining your investment beliefs and ambitions in one or more workshops, choosing focus themes that suit your organization and supporters, formulating SRI objectives and selecting SRI instruments to achieve these objectives.

Why important?

By communicating internally and externally about CSR and SRI you inform stakeholders about how your organization takes its social responsibility. This has a positive influence on your reputation, customer and employee satisfaction.

For who?

Banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers, intermediaries, listed and large companies.

Main benefits

  • Knowledge of social ambitions, objectives and results of your stakeholders.
  • Satisfied employees, participants and customers.
  • Positive image.



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