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If you require additional legal, compliance or sustainable investment expertise, on an interim or part-time basis? Then you can contact us.

What is it?

In the field of socially responsible investing (SRI), we help your organization to establish sustainable ambitions and beliefs, (re) formulate your SRI policy, measure and advise on ESG and climate risks, select and implement SRI instruments, SRI training, the selection of ESG data, engagement and voting providers and / or the monitoring and reporting on the results of your policy.

In the field of sustainability legislation, we help your organization to comply with the EU Action Plan and associated legislation (Taxonomy, SFDR, NFRD) and related impact on existing legislation (MiFID, UCITS and AIMFD). We do this by adjusting policies, systems, processes and reporting and training employees. We can also provide program management for a legislative process.

Why important?

By compensating for temporary or structural shortages in legal, compliance and sustainable investment expertise, you do not lag behind and prevent reputation risks or even fines.

For who?

Banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers and intermediaries.

Main benefits

  • Having the right expertise and sufficient capacity.
  • Prevent reputational risks or even fines.
  • No need to hire permanent staff.