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Presentation Port Club Amsterdam: Navigating the Challenges of CSRD

Published: 08-04-2024

Last Thursday, 4 April, was an inspiring day when, as a member of the Port Club Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to give a presentation, together with Reineke Knook, on the latest developments in sustainability legislation, with a particular focus on the Taxonomy and CSRD legislation.

During our presentation, we not only highlighted the substantive requirements of these regulations, but also discussed the main challenges faced by companies. These range from large companies directly affected by the CSRD to smaller companies indirectly affected by being part of value chains. We also discussed cost issues, such as the internal investment required for implementation.

The ensuing discussion elicited a wide range of responses, particularly from small and medium-sized enterprises. For large companies directly covered by the CSRD, the challenges are clear: stricter sustainability requirements result in significant administrative burdens and additional costs. But smaller companies also face challenges as they have to meet the requirements of partners in the value chain, which also entails additional costs and administrative burdens.

Transparency is crucial in this development, but it is important that the burdens remain manageable for all parties involved. We need to strike a balance between ambitious sustainability goals and practicality. Let us face these challenges together and work towards a more sustainable future in which both large and small businesses can thrive.